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7 Free 1930's Cordial Recipes.



1.9 L of water.
900 grams of sugar(3.8 cups)
14 grams of citric acid (I used a little bit less than 3 teaspoons)
1 teaspoon of cloves (I used 1/3 teaspoon of ground cloves, but the residue was leftover so whole cloves are probably better)
1 tablespoon of ginger(I put in 1 1/2 table spoons of finely cut up fresh ginger)
1 tablespoon of chillies cut in half.
(I probably put closer to 1 1/2 tablespoons of small inch long
fresh chillies)
(This presumably refers to dried bird’s eye chillies
and you would have to experiment a little to determine
the quantity of fresh chillies.)
Boil all ingredients for 5 minutes, strain,cool, bottle.
colour with burnt sugar.
To make caramel put a heaped tablespoon of sugar
into a frying pan, and heat with constant stirring until;
the sugar has turned to a clear brown liquid.
Use at once be fore it hardens in the pan. 
Testers note: this packs a punch! 
I really liked this recipe, it was nice cutting up the ginger for the smell experience, and if you love spicy chilli ginger beer..than you’ll love this recipe. Not sure how long this keeps.

All of these recipes are from Australian 1930's newspaper articles!

I have only tried this first recipe, but I plan on trying them all this summer! Let me know if you give any of these ago before I get to them. 


Following is a good recipe for the
making of blackberry cordial :— Sim-
mer the blackberries till they break.
strain, and to each pint of juice put
1lb. of white sugar 1/2 oz. cinnamon
1/4 oz. mace, and 2 teaspoonful extract
of cloves. Boil for 15 minutes, and
bottle when cold.


Method: Take the required
quantity of black or red cur-
rants. Clean and wash fruit
without breaking. Place in jam
pan and just cover with water,
then allow to simmer for half
an hour. Strain through jelly
bag, and add 1/2 cup sugar to 1
cup of juice.

Dissolve sugar in juice,
fill bottles and either seal
or top with metal cordial
bottle tops.

Place filled and topped bot-
tles in preserving outfit and
sterilise at 200 degrees for about
20 minutes.

The drink, which keeps
indefinitely while sealed,
should be served with water. It
costs about 6d. to make enough
to fill a 1 1/2 pint bottle


Grate the rind and squeeze the juice
of 8 oranges and 2 lemons,
add 1oz. of citric acid, 1oz,
of tartaric acid, 1oz. of Epsom salts.
Pour over these 1 cup of boiling water.
and let stand for 24 hours, in an
earthenware vessel. Make a syrup of
5lb. of sugar and 3 pints of boiling
water, and add to the above ingre-

When cool strain and bottle.
To prepare for drinking, pour a little
cordial in glass and fill up with



3 large lemons 6 breakfast cupfuls
3lb. sugar of cold water.
1oz. citric acid.
Pare the rind thinly off the
lemons or limes, put it in a saucepan with the
water, bring to the boil, and simmer
gently for quarter of an hour.

 Add the juice of the lemons or limes
and boil for another quarter of an hour
with the lid on.
Strain; then add the sugar and acid and
boil gently for five minutes.



Boil 1 lb. bruised whole ginger in
water for one hour, strain, make up to
1 pint with fresh water and bring to
the boil again. Have ready in a basin
2 lb sugar, 1 tablespoon tartaric acid,
pour on the boiling liquid and stir till
dissolved. When cool add 1 tablespoon
essence of lemon, then bottle. A table
spoon in a glass of water makes a de-
licious drink.


4 cups strawberries (fully ripe), 1
lemon, 1 orange, 3 pints water, 1 lb.
sugar. Mash berries through a sieve,
add lemon juice and oranges, then wa
ter, and work together. Stand two
hours. Put sugar in a bowl and strain
the juice over it, stirring till sugar
is dissolved. Stand in cool place be
fore serving. A delicious and easily
made drink. Raspberries could be used
in the same way.

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  1. I have been indulging in a little lime cordial of late. Not my own though. I do have a neighbour with limes lying on is lawn so perhaps I'll ask him if I can pick them up and make cordial with them. Meg


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