Thursday, July 7, 2016

Looking after what you have

Reaching "peak stuff"

The point where I just don't think I could stand having anything more on top of what we already own. maintaining, storing, cleaning and living around so many objects is just exhausting. I have decided to do a list of  jobs that I need to either do myself or take to someone to do and this means spending more money.

What better way to decide if something is really worth keeping than to decide if it is worth enough to mean to spend my cash on to fix.

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  1. Allison, you are so right. I rarely buy anything new, in fact I rarely buy anything at all. I do a lot of making do, and that is actually fun and energising, even though I am not at all talented at sewing or DIY in general. I have spent a reasonable amount of money at the shoe repair shop this year. I have had my purse, 2 pairs of boots and a pair of shoes repaired, and last year had new metal poppers put on my old winter coat. It gives me great satisfaction to have things mended. And I get to keep my favourite old things! At the end of winter I am going to take my fire screen to a metal fabrication shop to get welded back together. The other wonderful thing about making old things new is that you get to give your money to actual craftpersons who have real skill and are local, so you keep all that money in the community.