Monday, February 1, 2016


I found this little black leather purse at the tip shop for about $1 and just loved the patina and knew it was quite old .

At a guess I would have thought it was 1940's or earlier. I had to clean the gunk off it which was actually quite hard seeing as it looked like a natural waxy substance. yuk.

I really wanted to keep this with the original patina, but with a protective nourishing coating and I think I have finally got there as the leather is now soft and supple.

Does anyone know anything about the age of this little purse?

Next project on the go... Cowboy boots! I had seen these at the tip shop quite a few times but the $25 price tag scared me off as they needed new zippers and had been repaired several times already. In the end the patina was what made me get them at a reduced price of $15. The next photos are the before photos and I have since removed the zippers and lightly cleaned these boots.

I feel obliged to fix these boots up! they have just been so well made and so crappily repaired so many times!!  they are sweaty, moldy, cracked and dusty as hell!

I am going to follow this tutorial how to clean cowboy boots there any tutorials you can't find on the internet?

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