Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ladies Slacks- Using the Runschau Draft

The Rundschau drafting system seems to be respected on The Cutter and Tailor forums and I love reading the comments from the professionals. If you do sign up to The Cutter and Tailor forums, please remember that you'd be wise to just read and absorb, I just think it shows more respect to those who are more advanced.

My first experiment is with this ladies slacks Rundschau draft posted here

I also found a great blog post from A Tailor Made blog. It goes through the most common terminology you will encounter using a pattern draft.

My first job is to try to take some seriously accurate measurements.

Crotch Depth
Leg Length
Thigh Measurement?

This is the sort of look I was after

it kind of looks like the crotch might need some extra length here? it seems like the waistband might be pulling forward in the middle. I'm not sure what this fabric is but please let me know if you know what brand they are!

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